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Transforming a neighborhood and building community

The second story in a three-part Open House series takes you to Hillside Morningside, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas. (Part one can be viewed here) This is the community that Shelby Rico and her three children will call home. The Rico family’s home was built as part of a yearlong initiative between Lowe’s and longtime partner, Habitat for Humanity, to build or repair homes with 1,000 families by the holidays.

Located near downtown Fort Worth, Hillside Morningside shows its age. “There are many empty lots, houses in need of upkeep and rehab,” said John Collins, construction manager for Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

“It provided an opportunity for Habitat to come in and purchase those lots and breathe new life into Hillside Morningside,” said Lydia Traina, senior director of development for Trinity Habitat.

As part of Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program, Trinity Habitat already has built 20 homes and plans to build another 70 to 80 and rehab the same amount over the next five years. Next month, Lowe’s will make an impact on 53 projects in Hillside Morningside by landscaping properties, cleaning up empty lots and painting homes while also making an important announcement about its partnership with Habitat for the year.

“Beyond beautifying this area with new homes and rehabbing the existing homes, we’re going to add to the tax base, crime will go down and we’ll add new life to this area,” Traina said. “There are young families moving in, and children will be able to grow up in this neighborhood.”

See the transformation taking place and the impact it will have on the Rico family in the video above.