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Lowe’s store organizes special event honoring its veterans

Clovis, New Mexico, is known as a military town. If you drive a few miles west on Grand Avenue, you’ll run straight into Cannon Air Force Base, and its over two thousand inhabitants, which has been in operation for over seventy-five years.

This means it’s quite common to see active or veteran military members shopping at Store 1781. It also means it’s quite common to find a veteran working in the aisles.

“We are honored to employ over 20 veterans ranging from pre-Vietnam era to current active duty military,” said Store Manager James Hilliard.

Because of this strong military veteran presence, the associates wanted to plan something to honor them on Veterans Day. Last year the store invited all employees, past and present, to attend a short, amazing experience of the presentation of colors.

“It was a sight to see, our veterans as well as customers, had tears rolling down their faces during the presentation. I have been with Lowe’s going on 12 years and have never witnessed anything of this magnitude. We’ve had multiple agencies from our little community reach out thanking us for honoring the veterans and their service to our country,” said Hilliard.

Human Resource Manager Steven Brooks said the success of last year’s event spawned this new Veterans Day tradition.

“We have a lot of veterans that shop with us every day. What makes this all possible, the life style we have, is because of those veterans. Lowe’s is a supporter of veterans so it was appropriate to do.”

Hundreds attended this year’s ceremony which included a special recognition of Steve Owens who is a WWII veteran.

Lowe’s is proud of its long history of honoring servicemen and women.  This year Lowe’s announced an enhanced military discount – offering 10% off every day to all active duty and veteran customers.