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Recovery in Rockport

On Tuesday, Lowe’s Heroes will volunteer alongside First Response Team of America, to help Rockport, Texas rebuild after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday. The Heroes will hand out Lowe’s relief buckets, complete with disaster supplies, to local neighborhoods that were most impacted by Harvey’s wind and rain. The Heroes will clean up debris, cut down fallen trees, patch up roofs and be a helping hand during a time of crisis in Rockport.

Lowe’s National Partner, First Response Team of America (FRTA), headed straight to Corpus Christi, Texas on Friday to prepare for Hurricane Harvey.  Although there was a mandatory evacuation, an estimated 5,000 residents rode out the storm. The aftermath of the storm was devastating. The category 4 hurricane hit the community of Rockport the hardest. Rockport streets are flooded, power lines are down and many homes suffered from catastrophic damage.

The teams will next head to Houston, once the flood waters began to subside.