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Igniting a DIY passion through The UpSkill Project

When The UpSkill Project Powered by Lowe’s stopped in Seattle, homeowner Brett Heaston submitted a video in hopes of learning the right skills to give his kitchen a total makeover. His goal was to install a tile backsplash and install a barn door to cover his pantry.

Heaston got his wish and landed in the program. Throughout his UpSkill journey, he learned tiling, installation and other home improvement skills directly from local Lowe’s employees. The UpSkill Project returns on Lowe’s promise to help homeowners love where they live by teaching tangible skills that they can utilize in other areas of their home.

Following The UpSkill Project, Heaston and his family continue using the skills they learned throughout their home. This inspired the family to create weekly “tinker nights,” where Heaston and his two young daughters tackle new home improvement projects. Heaston guides his daughters in creating and mastering projects, just as the Lowe’s professionals did for him. By taking time to teach his daughters new skills, the family has been able to upcycle furniture, construct bird houses and refinish shelving in their home.

“Following The UpSkill Project my home improvement skills are more advanced,” Heaston said. “I have gone from just a beginner and feeling apprehensive, to very confident and doing more complicated things.”

Heaston, like many UpSkillers, feels more empowered to take on new projects that he once deemed too hard or intricate. Often UpSkillers can lend a hand to their more cautious friends and family to help ignite a DIY passion and pass on their skills.

Heaston is now a neighborhood advocate for home improvement projects and Lowe’s.  He encourages his neighbors to seek help from Lowe’s employees and experts in the stores. He challenges them to tackle home improvement themselves to save money and take ownership of their home.

Visit The UpSkill Project website to find out if it is coming to your area.