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Operational Excellence


Responsibly Managing Our Operations

We are committed to preserving our shared home, Earth, through sustainable practices while doing the right thing: acting responsibly, ethically and being transparent.


Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and generate cost savings by responsibly managing all of our home improvement and hardware stores across the globe. Through energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, environmentally-friendly transportation practices, and innovative water management systems, we are committed to further reducing our environmental footprint even as our business grows.

Our Goals

How we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.

40 Goals_PecentDown

Reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40% by 2030

40 Goals_PecentDown

Reduce tons of waste per net sales by 40% by 2020

Our Achievements

We practice principles-based decision making at Lowe’s, which is why we’ve been leading the charge in operational excellence for generations.

Energy & Carbon Footprint

We track both energy and emissions on a store-selling-area basis, which provides us with useful intensity metrics to measure efficiency improvements over time. We annually report energy and emissions data to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and are committed to transparency and improving data collection across our business. For the last five years, we have taken the additional step of having our greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting verified by a third party to ensure transparency and accuracy.


Recycling & Waste Management

At Lowe’s, we are focused on finding new end-uses for the waste that is generated from our operations, while working with our suppliers to reduce the waste coming in. By developing new recycling campaigns, reducing packaging, and driving out unnecessary waste throughout the supply chain, we can reduce our resource consumption while feeding valuable materials back into the value chain.


Water Conservation

Water is essential to life and considered by many to be the most valuable resource on Earth. With several U.S. states experiencing ongoing drought conditions, we’re constantly mindful of, and committed to, responsible water use. We manage our water resources efficiently throughout our operations, and help customers use water responsibly. From advanced irrigation systems to innovative water practices in our garden centers, we are constantly working to reduce our water consumption.


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