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Our People &


Making A Difference in Someone’s Day, Every Day

The Lowe’s community begins with more than 310,000 employees and extends to their families and the communities where we live and work. We have a significant role to play—being a great place to work and investing in community programs that shape homes, communities, and lives.


Investing in Our Communities

Through charitable contributions, volunteerism, scholarships, and local partnerships, we have been investing in the communities we serve for over 65 years. It’s our belief that we can make the communities around us much stronger and more resilient. When our communities and people are strong, we are strong.

Our Goals

How we aim to better serve the communities where we work, live and play.

0 Goals_Injuries

Reduce our lost-time incident rate each year as we pursue our goal of zero injuries

3 Goals_Hourglass

Contribute more than 3 million hours of employee community service by 2025

350 Goals_Millions

Invest $350M in our local communities through partnerships, grants and charitable contributions by 2025

Our Achievements

Supporting community development through partnerships and volunteerism has long been one of our most important values.

Volunteerism and Charitable Contributions

We bring our community strategy to life through charitable giving and the hands-on service of Lowe’s volunteers. Each year, we donate millions to nonprofit organizations through corporate giving, store donations, and the Lowe’s Foundation. We believe in helping make the American Dream a reality – driving affordable housing and economic mobility through skills training, job creation, and community investment.


Community Resilience

With economic and environmental volatility increasing each day, events that used to happen once every hundred years are occurring much more frequently. When disaster strikes, we rise to the occasion, helping our communities get back on their feet quickly after the storm. Our skills training, scholarship programs, and local vendor partnerships help to make our communities more economically resilient, while also improving quality of life. Looking ahead, we plan to drive innovation that will help communities become more prepared for weather events that could impact them.


Our Team & Their Families

Our team and their families are at the center of our success. Every day, our 310,000-person team works hard to help our customers love where they live, always giving their best. They are part of the fabric of the communities they live in, and we do our best to take care of them each and every day. Through innovative benefits offerings, safety programs, scholarship and training opportunities, and our employee relief fund, we strive to treat our family just like you would treat yours. Our people are the foundation of everything we do, and their safety and well-being is a top priority.


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