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A new chapter for family’s staircase

Bonnie Mendes has spent more than 30 years of her career in libraries, so it was fitting when she and her husband, Jay, decided to add a book staircase to their home.

Inspired by Pinterest, their next step was to visit the Lowe’s in Seekonk, Massachusetts.

Paint customer service associate Joe Mooney stepped up to help the Mendes’, offering tips and resources for carpet removal and sanding and staining the wood staircase. Mooney recommended deck paint.

Primed with the right tools and materials, Jay Mendes went to work hand painting the staircase featuring the family’s favorite books. There’s “Gone With the Wind” for Bonnie, “Little Women” for the Mendes’ daughter and “Green Eggs and Ham” for their son.

Ever the librarian, Bonnie Mendes said the book titles could change in the future. She’s saving up ideas for the next chapter of the staircase’s story.