Investment pays off for leader and Lowe’s

As Gloraliz Colon-Ortiz drove by the Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center in Kissimmee, Florida, she saw the large blue Lowe’s sign in the front. Colon-Ortiz had not been in Florida long and was looking for work.
Since she spoke only Spanish, Colon-Ortiz wasn’t sure she’d be able to get a good job. She applied at the distribution center and started a few weeks later.
As a team member, it was not necessary to be bilingual. Soon, Lowe’s saw the leadership potential in Colon-Ortiz and encouraged her to apply for a different position. Initially, she was reluctant because she was unable to speak English fluently.

Watch the video above to see how Colon-Ortiz and Lowe’s worked together to reach her goals.