2018 Top 5: A look back at inspiring stories you’ll want to see again

2018 is coming to an end. People listened to Drake more than any other artist, saw Black Panther more than any other film, and ate bean burritos more than any other food. Sounds like an interesting Saturday night, for sure.

It’s also the time for people to look back on the past year and it’s no different here on Lowe’s Open House. We decided to look back at our Top Five stories and provide a little update on the special people in each of them.

(PS: These are the stories involving associates and customers since, y’know, you can’t really give an update on a story about a generator. I guess you can: it’s probably still generating power. Let’s move on.)

In no particular order, the Top 5 of 2018:

Gabby, the ASL Associate

Update: Gabby is currently going to school to get her interpreting license. She’s even started tutoring people in ASL. Of course, she’s still the go-to interpreter at her store in Indianapolis.

Store Wears Red To Support Military

Update: Whether building a Ga-Ga Pit for an elementary school or sending packages to 150 soldiers in Kuwait, the Dubuque, Iowa, store team still supports the community at home and abroad. They won a volunteer award too! Plus, every store in the region wears red shirts on Friday now.

Surprise Birthday for Loyal Customer

Update: Randy still talks about his birthday surprise. He recently completed a bathroom remodel shopping at his beloved Keizer, Oregon, store. He’s also excited Lowe’s now has military veteran parking. He likes to think he had a special little part in that.

Family Honors Son With Barbershop

Update: Sonny Boyz Barbershop is going strong. The new barber has plenty of customers coming in the doors, including those who helped renovate it from the Leesville, Louisiana, store and the Lewis family is proud to continue their son’s legacy.

Dan, the Woodworking Warrior

Update: Dan is still the tool guru in his St. Robert, Missouri, store. He’s active with the Purple Heart Chapter and the Boy Scouts. Recently, he participated in a local craft fair selling pens, signs, and other items he created from wood.

That was just a peek inside 2018. You can read and watch many more inspiring stories from over the years on the Open House homepage. So, what will 2019 bring? We don’t know, but we’re excited to see all the different ways we can deliver the right home improvement products, with the best service and value, to the customers and communities we serve.