Lowe’s store managers share answers to the most common customer questions

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“What’s the lowest price I can get on this?”

“How much is a 2×4?”

Trust us, Lowe’s store managers have heard it all.  So to help answer some of customers’ most frequently asked questions, Lowe’s went straight to the experts: store and district managers. The group of about 100 managers from all over the country, shared the most common questions they receive from customers. Here are their answers:

Q: “What paint gives me the best value?”

“I give them what I feel is the best, depending on their project. Whether it’s staining, painting a bedroom, I’ll match them up with what works best for that project.” – Shane Pace, Macon, Georgia

Follow up: Another common question in the paint department is “How many coats of paint do I need?”. The answer is tricky: it depends. Based on the surface you’re painting, what kind of paint you’re using and the color of the paint, the number of coats can vary from one to several. Tell a Lowe’s associate about your project and they can help you understand how much you might need. Also, consider using Lowe’s Interior Paint Buying Guide if you need help picking what kind of paint is best for you.

Q: “When do I use fertilizer/grass seed?”

“Most customers want to know when is the right time for the weed and feed, the right time for the lawn food, etc. So, we take them through the seasons and determine the best times to use them all the way until the fall.” – Seth Gunter, Sandusky, Ohio

Follow up: Depending on where you live, the timing for each of these steps may vary. Read Lowe’s article about what types of grass grow well in your area and when to fertilize based on your region.

Q: “What’s the most reliable appliance?”

“I suggest products based on my personal experience.  I own a lot of a specific brand of appliances in my home, so I generally walk them into that particular line. I always talk about our protection plans’ offerings. We have a great program and I always recommend that to the customer.” – Matt Krebs, Indianapolis, Indiana

“It all really depends on your personal preference brand-wise and then explaining the benefits to them and what makes their lives easier. I’ll then explain the difference between a $400 appliance and a $900 appliance and then line up their buying decision from there.” – Bryan Fuller, Chicago, Illinois

Q: “Where are the light bulbs/air filters?”

Aside from being asked, “Where are the bathrooms?”, this is the most frequently asked question in Lowe’s stores when it comes to finding something. The actual location can vary from store to store, so associates can show you where they are. But it also might help you to download the Lowe’s app. In the app, you can use the Product Locator to find any product, and where it is, in your store.