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Lowe’s receives ninth SmartWay Award, recognized for sustainability

The EPA recognized Lowe’s commitment to sustainability on October 23 by naming the company a SmartWay Award winner for the ninth time.

SmartWay partners help reduce harmful air pollutants and contribute to better air quality for everyone. Emissions from all modes of freight transportation are assessed and monitored – including truck, rail, barge, air and multi-modal. Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved 196.5 million barrels of oil, equal to eliminating annual energy use in more than 12 million homes.

The SmartWay program is helping Lowe’s improve transportation supply chains too.

Lowe’s carriers have saved more than 180 million gallons of fuel and over 2 million tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to removing more than 420,000 cars from America’s roads.

The company was also named a 2017 SmartWay High Performer in shipping. This is the first year that the EPA has published a list of SmartWay High Performers. Five percent of all SmartWay shippers meet the emissions and carrier selection criteria to make the high performer list.

Learn more about the EPA’s SmartWay program by clicking here.