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Lowe’s launches third season of ‘The Weekender’

Monica Mangin has a laundry list of titles – wife, mother of four, DIY blogger of East Coast Creative and home improvement expert. She’s also the executive producer, host and designer for The Weekender, Lowe’s original series that helps homeowners and renters transform their home through five projects in just one weekend. Lowe’s chatted with Monica about what’s in store for Season 3, which premieres on Oct. 17 via Lowe’s YouTube channel or via Lowe’s TV streaming app (available free on Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku app stores).

Check out the Q&A and watch the first episode of Season 3 below.

Q and A

  • What can we expect from Season 3?
    Season 3 is exciting! This season has trended more towards multi-purpose rooms than the past ones. The renovations are catering to homeowners who have many needs, such as a place to work, entertain or even relax. We're doing much more than just transforming one space - various functions of a room are coming to life this season.
  • If someone has never seen the show, what would you want them to know about The Weekender?
    The Weekender is real homeowners with real projects! We channel that desire into transforming their home in two days. Our participants are relatable and the products are attainable. While the show gives ideas and inspiration, viewers can go directly to the store to purchase many of the products featured in the episodes. The Weekender is all about helping you look at your space differently and inspiring you to be an active participant and learner.
  • What is your favorite thing about revealing the finished project to homeowners?
    The reveals are pretty epic because there is always an authentic sense of excitement. While we work alongside homeowners, all five projects are not done together. I like to leave an element of surprise so that they never know what the finished project will look like. People feel more emotional than they ever expected to, but it's their home and it suddenly reflects them better.   The most memorable reveal happened Season 2, Episode 6 in New Orleans. Homeowner Amanda was so excited to see her kitchen that she began crying with her eyes closed before she even saw her new space. It's those special moments that make it all worth it and The Weekender so great!

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