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Lowe’s creates a DIY Escape Room full of puzzles and challenges

What do you get when you lock two YouTube influencers, one electrician and one contractor in a vacant warehouse? The first Lowe’s DIY Escape Room! But, this isn’t your average escape room. The players must complete home improvement challenges and puzzles to break free from three rooms in 60 minutes.

What’s the catch? Each participant can select only one tool from the tool room to use throughout the challenges to help them escape. The challenges are tough, but the four players must rely on their teamwork, creative problem solving and skills to solve the puzzles. Luckily, if players get stuck, they can ask Lowe’s Red Vest hero Dennis Winckler for clues.

Will the players rise to the challenge? Take a look below to find out.

Some of the products in the episode are on sale for Black Friday at Lowe’s. See a tool you like? Check out Lowe’s Black Friday tool promotions to get a great deal this season!