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Lowe’s helps employees, communities brace for Hurricane Irma

Two major storms in two short weeks. It’s been an unprecedented time, and Lowe’s has initiated its largest supply chain response effort for a disaster to date in efforts to help people and communities in the impacted areas.

The Lowe’s regional distribution center (RDC) in Statesville, North Carolina is just one of many Lowe’s locations gathering and shipping critical products, like bottled water, gas cans and chainsaws to the Lowe’s 150 stores in the hurricane impact areas. CNBC reported live from the RDC on Friday, Sept. 8. Watch to learn more about how Lowe’s is preparing ahead of Irma’s landfall.

To date, Lowe’s has shipped more than 1,700 truckloads of emergency supplies to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Other efforts are already underway in support of those affected by Hurricane Irma, and Lowe’s continues to assist with Hurricane Harvey recovery.

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