Joy Mangano brand comes to Lowe’s

The Joy Mangano brand is now at Lowe’s! The entrepreneur and inventor launched her career with ground-breaking home solutions to enhance organization and storage. She is also the inspiration for the movie Joy. Lowe’s customers can shop Joy’s hangers and steamers at all stores across the U.S. To promote the new partnership, Mangano recently sat down with us to share more about her brand and organizing tips.

Q and A

  • We're very excited to have you partner with us. Why Lowe's?
    I’ve loved shopping at Lowe’s in my hometown on Long Island for a long time and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally see my products on the shelves! Your corporate philosophy of always putting customers first, and focusing on community and home aligns with my approach to designing a product. I always envision how the customer will benefit.
  • What's one thing people can do right away to get more organized?
    Home organization should start with closets. Get rid of the variety of hangers collected over the years to gain immediate organization and gratification.
  • Are there any time-saving hacks or rules you abide by?
    For those constantly on the go, give up the chore of ironing and secure a steamer. It elongates your clothing because you’re not ironing - you’re steaming and eliminating too much wear and tear. Also, you can take it [the steamer] wherever you go instead of pulling out the iron.

Shop Mangano’s collection of items on Lowes.com now.