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Helping Brewerytown craft its turnaround

From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, Philadelphia is home to some of America’s most iconic symbols. And for generations now, Philadelphia has used those symbols to portray a strong sense of pride and patriotism, of hard work and heritage – feelings and images that have come to define the city and the people who call it home.

But the City of Brotherly Love has faced its share of challenges as well. Its residents have seen boom turn to bust, rise precede fall, and prosperity descend into poverty. And yet the city perseveres. It adapts. It overcomes. And it re-invents itself. What started as a center of manufacturing became a center of finance. What began as a center of government has become a center of higher education. Philadelphia knows how to evolve, and in North Philly, Lowe’s is playing a key role in the evolution of one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods: Brewerytown.