The best soils can make a world of difference

Going from real estate to soil science isn’t a career transition many would imagine, but that’s the path that brought Michael Tobin to Lowe’s. Tobin, a live nursery specialist, now advises customers at Lowe’s 2995 in Towson, Maryland on the best soils and fertilizers needed for their projects. It wasn’t always that way.

Tobin worked in the real estate title and settlement business for years. After the housing market crashed, he began thinking about his next career move.

“I’ve always loved science, retail and interacting with customers,” Tobin said. He got a part-time job at Lowe’s, spending time in plumbing and pro services while working on a soil science certificate through North Carolina State University. After completing the program, Tobin was promoted to live nursery specialist in March 2016.

Lowe’s customers aren’t the only ones turning to Tobin for his advice. He recently spoke as an independent scholar at a conference in Paris about some of the most perplexing mysteries of chemistry. Tobin attributed many of his findings to conversations he’s had with customers and researching products sold at Lowe’s.

Tobin is just one of the many project authorities at Lowe’s. Check back in the months ahead to learn more about the knowledgeable and talented people who work at Lowe’s.