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O Christmas tree

Greg Sexton loves to tell the story of how his family first got involved in the Christmas tree business. The tale goes that his grandfather took notice of people cutting down wild trees in Ashe County, North Carolina for use at Christmastime. It gave him an idea. He approached a local agriculture extension agent and asked what he thought about producing Fraser Firs, a tree variety that thrives in the Carolina mountains. The agent casually replied “well, there might be a future in it. Maybe plant an acre and see how it goes.” Little did he know that Sexton’s grandfather had already planted 80.

That was in 1960 and the rest is history. Sexton’s grandfather went on to become a pioneer in the Fraser Fir industry and those 80 acres have since expanded to hundreds located in Ashe County as well as southwestern Virginia. Sexton – along with his wife Robin and three sons – now own and operate Sexton Farms. Although the farm produces a variety of crops and offers agritourism activities for the public, Christmas trees are still at the heart of their operation.

“It’s kind of in our blood, I guess,” Sexton said.

Even that seems like a bit of an understatement. Sexton and his family work year-round to product high-quality Christmas trees for every holiday season. The work is hard, but meaningful. The trees are part of his heritage and they’re the bind that ties his family together to this day. All three of his children are committed to carrying on the family business, which Sexton considers very special.

Sexton also loves that their trees go on to be part of important memories for other families. That’s why they put so much time, effort and passion into growing quality Christmas trees.

And it’s that passion and quality that’s kept Lowe’s coming back to work with Sexton Farms for 25 years. Through their work with Lowe’s, more families can experience the joy that comes with having a real Christmas tree – and for Sexton and his family, that’s really what it’s all about.