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Turning a phone into a digital tape measure

Getting ready for your party, you wonder if the distance between your cornhole boards is actually 27 feet.

You see a furniture piece and wonder if it could fit in your living room.

How tall is your kid?

There’s plenty more examples but we’ve all been there before. We forget how much we want to measure things in the everyday moments of life.

But how often do we have a ruler or tape measure on hand? That’s where Measured by Lowe’s comes in to help.

Measured by Lowe’s is an app that turns any ARKit-enabled iPhone or iPad into a digital tape measure.

It’s available for download on any iPhone model 6S or newer running iOS 11.

This is one of the first accessible, easy-to-use apps using augmented reality where you can calculate, align, layer, filter and even share measurement moments on social media.

Click the short video below to see a few examples of this incredible technology and how Lowe’s continues to be a leader in augmented, virtual and mixed reality testing and learning in the 3D environment.