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Getting rid of your live Christmas tree? Try recycling it!

Whether you’re a “it’s coming down on Dec. 26!” or a leave-it-up-as-long-as-possible kind of person – eventually, the Christmas tree has to go. It’s a sad time, especially if you have a live tree.

Instead of just lugging that piece of pine-smelling goodness to the trash bin (or worse – abandoning it on the curb), consider recycling your tree instead!

There are many different safe and environmentally-friendly ways to recycle or reuse your tree. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look for local Christmas tree recycling locations. Many cities or counties offer various recycling programs or even curbside pickup for recycling.
  • Cut up your tree and place it in your yard waste bin instead of the trash can.
  • Cut or chip up the tree trunk and branches into biodegradable mulch. This can help replenish soil in gardens and landscapes.
  • Use cut-up pieces of your tree as pond feed. Sinking pieces of the tree into a backyard pond can make great shelter and feeding areas for fish.
  • Replant your tree! If you buy a rooted tree, you can replant it in your yard after Christmas.

It is important to remember that you should never burn a pine tree in your fireplace or stove, as these trees are extremely flammable and can cause a flare-up or chimney fire. Also, pet owners should keep a close eye on their pets while Christmas trees are in the home or being repurposed. Christmas trees can be mildly toxic to pets and pine needles, if consumed, can cause intestinal irritation or puncture.

Check out other fun ways you can reuse and repurpose your Christmas tree after the holidays.