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5 skills you’ll learn at Lowe’s UpSkill workshops

Laying tile. Using power tools. Drywalling.

All tasks that sound easy … unless you don’t know how to do them. All tasks that you could learn from The UpSkill Project.

The UpSkill Project is a Lowe’s initiative designed to help customers learn DIY home improvement skills. In addition to teaching people right in their homes, the project is also bridging the gap between skilled workers and homeowners by offering free workshops to communities across the country. These workshops focus on teaching community members how to accomplish some of the most common DIY projects in homes. The goal? To give people the confidence to tackle home improvement projects that once seemed overwhelming or daunting.

The workshops will take place in the parking lots of Lowe’s stores. Experienced Lowe’s employees will help participants complete various hands-on learning experiences and to provide insight and advice.

What will you learn at a workshop?

So, are you ready to UpSkill? Gather your family, neighbors and friends to attend an UpSkill workshop in your local area. Here are upcoming workshops:

Continue checking Open House in the months ahead to learn more about upcoming workshops.