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5 neutral colors to brighten your home this summer

Never underestimate the power of paint.

That’s what Kendra Lewis, a style expert on Lowe’s customer experience design team, recommends. Why? Because paint is an easy and affordable way to revive a piece of furniture, refresh a room or give your home a facelift. And while big and bold colors are sure to make a statement, Lewis says pale neutrals are really the hot paint colors this season.

Her picks? She loves five in particular – the “Fab Five,” as she calls them– from HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin Williams, all available at Lowe’s:

  • Charming Pink (HGSW2047)
  • Twinkly Green (HGSW2257)
  • Crisp Blue (HGSW3327)
  • Sensitive Tint (HGSW3407)
  • Varsity White (HGSW4039)

Why are these colors so great? It’s all about versatility, Lewis said.

“People love these colors because they’re a nice canvas and backdrop for everything else they want to accessorize with them.”

And although the Fab Five look the best matched with deeper tones of each color, they can really work with a multitude of other tints and hues.

So, how can you use them in your home? Lewis said to get creative!

“You could use the Charming Pink on an accent chair in your hallway or foyer … or the Twinkly Green on an accent wall in your dining room to really make your light fixture or table stand out. And the Varsity White would be great in those transition areas of your home, like the hallways or in an area leading to an upper level of the house.”

No matter where you use the colors, they’re sure to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your space.

Visit your local Lowe’s store to learn more about these colors and others from HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin Williams.

Kendra Lewis has been a style expert with Lowe’s since 2014 and brings more than 20 years of trend expertise to the customer experience design team. She’s always had an eye for color (that’s why she loves paint!) and spends her days analyzing trends and building color palettes for décor items across all Lowe’s product categories. Her favorite part of the job is discovering key themes or trends in color, patterns, finishes and more, and bringing them back to the Lowe’s customer through products they can use to make their home uniquely theirs.

Stay tuned in the months ahead for more information from Lowe’s style experts.