Getting cabin fever? Cure winter doldrums with these 3 projects

With the holiday season now behind us, you might be feeling a little budget conscious and perhaps even a bit stir crazy with the cold weather hanging around. With spring cleaning and home renovation projects right around the corner, don’t let cabin fever keep you from getting a head start! Here are three simple and affordable projects you can tackle now to get ahead of spring.


Has the garage become a storage unit for holiday presents and décor along with tools and old sports gear? Don’t worry, organizing the garage is a project you can complete in just one weekend.

  • Start by determining what items should or could be stored together. Think gardening supplies and tools, sports and hobby gear, seasonal items, tools and hardware, garbage and recycling, etc.
  • Get rid of it! Sort items you’re getting rid of into three piles: recycle, toss and donate.
  • Grab some paper and make a simple sketch of your garage. Note measurements of windows/doors, utilities and how much room you’ll need for your car.
  • Decide what storage products you need. Some great basics to get you started might include: Garage cabinets and storage units, shelving and support brackets, storage bins and boxes, hanging storage systems, or bicycle hangers and storage
  • Start organizing! Check out this Lowe’s article for organizing ideas and watch the video below for garage organization tips!


Color is on-trend for 2019! Don’t be afraid to go bold by painting an entire room, or adding an accent wall to instantly brighten your living space. Paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update any room, and it’s something you can do while you’re stuck inside. At Lowe’s, there are countless paint colors available to give your room the desired look and feel.

Not sure what color family is best for your room? Check out how these colors affect moods and emotions.

  • Red: A high-energy color that increases appetite and conversation. Works best in living or dining rooms.
  • Orange: Another high-energy color that evokes power. Works best for the kitchen or dining room.
  • Yellow: Soft yellows are associated with happiness and warmth. Works best in the kitchen.
  • Green: A calming and refreshing color that reminds us of nature. Works best for bedrooms and areas of relaxation.
  • Blue: Creates a serene, spa-like environment that’s great for bedrooms. Brighter blues are known to increase productivity, which works well in an office.
  • Purple: A color often associated with royalty and wealth. The luxurious color works well in living or dining rooms.
  • Brown: A cozy color that works well in living areas where people gather.
  • White: A color that brightens up spaces and creates a sense of cleanliness.


You won’t need a complete bathroom remodel to make a big impact. Adding a few accessories, decorative elements and storage options can make small areas of your bathroom more functional and decorative.

  • Spruce up bathroom shelves with houseplants that don’t require much sunlight, such as Exotic Angel Plants. These plants help bring the outdoors in and add a natural touch of color.
  • Replace pedestal sinks with a vanity for more storage and style. You can also add decorative baskets on vanity shelves to organize towels and toiletries.
  • Wallpaper isn’t limited to the bedroom. Decorating small spaces, like your bathroom, with patterned wallpaper is an easy way to amplify the room’s style.
  • Looking for something even more creative? Try adding a statement lighting fixture above the bath tub or the vanity.