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Creating the next generation of young innovators

More than one hundred students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) gathered recently in Silicon Valley for UNCF’s HBCU Innovation Summit. UNCF is the nation’s largest minority education organization focused on increasing the total number of African American college graduates by helping them move “to and through” college.

Lowe’s Innovation Labs participated in the event created to attract diverse students to the technology field.

Senior Producer and Lowe’s Innovation Labs expert Steven Radney led a tech workshop designed to engage students by helping them map a career path that would allow them to succeed in the tech-workforce. Students gained insight on how to develop prototypes into products and implement innovative design processes.

UNCF partners with colleges and corporations across the nation to provide scholarships and programs designed to support college-readiness, enrollment and graduation. Over the past three years, Lowe’s has contributed more than $4.5 million to support UNCF efforts to expand access to higher education for all. Lowe’s believes in the power of education and its benefits to under served communities. Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and the innovation required for companies to succeed in the future relies on the shared value created by individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.